Beautiful Jewelry at Affordable Prices. Direct from our Factory to Consumers. LoveBrightJewelry symbolizes true craftsmanship, style excellence and unmatchable quality. Being a trendsetter online jewelry provider, we offer flawless quality and reliable services to all global customers. Our founder has been in the diamond and jewelry industry for the last 35 years, and hence possesses a nonparallel knowledge of every aspect of jewelry trade, from manufacturing, designing to quality control. His commitment and dedication to maintain the finest standards of craftsmanship and delivering the best value have inspired us to launch LoveBrightJewelry. At LoveBrightJewelry, every piece of jewelry is made with a special care and detail. Right from the picking of raw materials like gold, platinum, silver, diamond emerald, ruby, sapphire and other gem stones to the entire manufacturing process, the whole process is supervised by the CEO himself. Almost 99% of the jewelry for LoveBrightJewelry is made in our factory based in USA only, by expert technicians and experienced staff. We are determined to provide our customers with finest quality jewelry at an exceptional value and we are able to do it by discouraging any mediator costs. We sell directly from our factory to consumers through our websites passing cost effectiveness. We do not have any overhead cost as of a physical jewelry store giving us a complete freedom to concentrate on value creation for all. We are confident in our products, value and services. To offer you one-of-a-kind shopping experience, we make your shopping easy, hassle-free and enjoying. For this, we are there to assist you anytime before, during or after your purchase. Enjoy your shopping anytime from anywhere, be it the luxury of your home or office. Sincerely, Team at LoveBrightJewelry

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